Traditional home security is the door and window, but it is only anti-thieves. While if the elderly stay at home alone, will you worry about their safety? If you hire a nanny to take care of your child at home, there are lots of abusing children incidents in recent years, so the parents are increasing worried about the elderly and children security. At this time, a home smart safe then becomes the rigid demand in modern society. 

AvatarControls Wireless Home Security Sytem

Avatarcontrols wireless home security system, its 360 degree lens angle can fully cover the home details, high-definition monitoring and transaction recognition like a smart “house keeper” to meet the demands of caring elderly and children. It can be real-time push through the phone APP, and you will know what happened at home in time.  

In fact, there is a lot other hidden dangers can no be ignored in life, such as fire hazards, gas poisoning and so on. It not only causes property damage and even life-threatening.

Therefore, the perfect home security system should be no less than gas, water and smoke detectors. Aavatar smart safe advanced sensor can detect on smoke, fire and gas respectively, and the system will send you a push notification if any sensor triggers an event.

In addition to bringing high quality home environment, Avatarcontrols smart safe provides flexible, reliable, safe and timely prefect services, do you have any worries behind?