You may not surprise when talking about the light can control the color and brightness, and it’s common to see play music from light speaker via mobile, and the can be blown out candle is also everywhere. However, thinking that above single functions focused on one product, what will happen? 

avatarcontrols smart light speaker

Let me introduce an intelligent light speaker ALS01L, changing your environment atmosphere in one second.

Avatarcontrols smart light ALS01L just likes a white hourglass from the appearance, and has independent speaker cavity, photo-mask, fountain disc, sound diffusion net and so on. Its small size and lightweight which can be easy carried and placed in any place.

You can imagine that the music sound with the sunshine in the morning, and play a relaxing song when working worry, whenever the night falls, candle light swaying quietly with you into the sweet dreams.

You may think it’s enough for the function of intelligent speaker, but it’s not the end. The light can adjust 256 interesting colors (16000000 color variations) according to your mood to mirror the different atmospheres. In addition, you can connect light speaker and phone call via built-in Bluetooth, hands free phone calls.

These atmosphere adjustable artifacts can be used in many scenes, such as family and friend parties, bars and clubs, hotels, camping companion and so on, which lets you become literary in one second.