Talking about smart home products, you may have a smart safe, smart light, smart light speaker and so on, and it seems a little much trouble to equip with a smart light and smart light speaker in every room. The biggest innovation of Avatar smart light ALS01L is the perfect combination of light and sound. Whether the family or friend parties, or lying on the sofa alone to meditation, it can meet all your demands.

Avatarcontrols smart light ALS01L takes high quality RGB light beads which have 256 interesting colors in total, and the variations reach 16000000 to build a different environment atmosphere up to your mood. Meeting the beautiful color remind us to cherish each and every moment in our life. 

avatarcontrols smart light speaker

Touching the button with 2 seconds, then the smart light switch music mode, and you can begin share the wonderful music. The amazing place is blowing out the light gently when the nights fall, and the whole world is silent.

The world is becoming different because of internet, many traditional home products become simple and convenient when connecting internet. One phone APP can control everything at home away from thousands of miles. From large equipment like door and refrigerator to little equipment like bulb, plug and so on, all is not unfamiliar for everyone. Especially, the perfect technology combination of light and music, Avatarcontrols smart light ALS01L let you enjoy the beauty of life.