As the most populated smart home products, smart plug represent the entire industry in a certain extent. There are many different smart plugs on the market, while installations are all much of muchness. Wifi connection, phone APP control, and other additional features composed smart plug.

avatarcontrols smart wifi plug

First one is the smart plug heat problem, and should be the most concerned about. Avatar has tested a smart plug in the 24H standby situation, and the average temperature reaches 43 ℃ or so. You can feel the obvious heat if touch with hand, and it will affect cooling problem if environment temperature is too high. So choosing smart plug manufacturers, be sure to check full protective measures of built-in copper and security protections.

Once cause a fire because of high temperature problems of smart socket, it will hurt people and definitely the stain of smart hardware. In short, the technology is off.

In fact, many smart plugs are not so smart, many manufacturers only product smart plug which are ordinary socket + mobile phone APP. It not only have pseudo-intelligent socket phenomenon and other smart home products also have such problems more or less. Finally, purchasing smart plug should be cautious!

Avatarcontrols is committed to Alexa enabled device and smart voice product tech R&D, such as smart home plugs, and provides innovative smart voice interaction solutions and products for smart home, received a number of practical and innovative invention patents.