If you purchase an Amazon Alexa, the next step would use its various skills. Mostly, people use it as smart home hub to control lights and other electronic devices via voice in their house. Among so many smart gadgets, electric socket -- as the necessary interface of home appliance, it’s a good point of entry for intelligent society. AvatarControls Smart Wifi plug, based on the WIFI, control your home appliance remotely via your smart phone or table anytime anywhere, and you can command it via voice no matter what devices plugged into via Amazon Alex or Google Home. Here, we will talk about AvatarControls first R&D smart plug.

AvatarControls smart Wi-Fi plug, easy to setup, and you can control remotely no matter when and where you are without any worries via AvatarControls APP both IOS/Android system. What’s more, it supports multi-appliances on line at the same time if you have a series of switches and other AvatarControls smart home products.

Hardware specifications and design

First of all, you need to connect with 2.4 GHz wireless networks in order to work as a smart plug. If you live in a big house, please put the plug close to network router as soon as possible, because smart wifi plug need fast network connections. The smart plug has one button - power button, when your phone didn’t access the internet, you can turn on/off via power button as a normal plug.

Setting up and using smart wifi plug

Plug the device into electric socket where you will use it, next you can connect any home appliances as a normal plug. Before start configuring, you need to install a free Phone APP from Google Play or App Store. When everything is ready, power on the plug and open phone APP, then confirms that indicator light rapidly blinks. Once screen shows 100%, tap “done”. It means you configured successfully and control remotely via smart phone or tablet now matter when and where you are. With the app, you can add and configure Avatar Controls smart plugs, row plug, smart bulbs, smart switches and so on.

What amazing function is AvatarControls smart plug works with Amazon &Google Home. Imagining that you lying on the bed while found the light in the living room still open, and your phone is beyond your hand at the right moment. At this time, it makes no difference between get phone to turn off the light or directly walk into the living to turn off, especially in winter. However, if you have Alexa, and say: Alexa, turn off the light in the living room, then every problem have solved. 

(“Alexa, turn off the light in the living room”)

For new comers, what can smart wifi plug do for them? 

The first thing is lower their electric bills, smart plug can also be controlled via your smartphone, and you can set schedules for when these electronic devices turn on and off. You can control your normal home appliances via smart plug, which becomes smart home in one 

You can experience the smart home in a simple way in $27.99, and it is very affordable for most people. 

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