AvatarControls recently created an innovative smart home kit with USB plug, speaker, lighting, wireless charging and more modules to redefine your smart lifestyle. The product lives on Kickstarter on 20th Sept, 2017.

Each module is an accessory as well as independent individual. The USB power socket is multi-power as well as smart base station, the rest are single functional modules. Now it has 8 combination ways in total. You can purchase different combination according to your needs, which is very cost-efficient.

The Modules

USB Power Socket – It includes 4 US standard power socket and 3 USB ports which satisfy charging 7 devices simultaneously. 

Bluetooth speaker - No matter how big the music world can be loaded into a small cube. Bluetooth Speaker gradually becomes a fashionable lifestyle synonymous from equipment which listens to music. 

Sensor Light - Waving your hands to switch the light effect, which catches cool eyes and show fashion personality. In alliance with Bluetooth speaker, the usage of the sensor makes the effect better.

Wireless Charger - AvatarControls Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone 8, iPhone X and other smart phone support Qi wireless charging tech– just lay your phone onto the charging pad and go.

Inspires by Lego, little block builds infinite worlds, little cube performs endless tasks. Freecube design lets you try a variety of different functional modules options. Convenient charging, listening and lighting simultaneously, and customize the style and functions you want.

Due to unique module design, Freecube make it possible to add more different awesome modules in the future, such as stand-alone voice control, micro-cast module, support Alexa voice control module...

20th Sept, 2017 Kickstarter. To be continued!