Recently, Avatarontrols release for the home scene using the smart home products “Freecube, and will launch Kickstarter campaign, the price just starts $99. Avatar Controls is an innovative technology enterprise focusing on research and development of intelligent voice control and interactive technology.

In today’s digital age, with too numerous mobile accessories that scatter at home, such as charge phone, tablet and laptops, listens to music, and its better with lights and rhythm...

The Freecube’s cutting-edge features include an USB power socket, wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker and LED sensor light. Each module can be stacked or taken apart and used separately to power just the right features, whenever and wherever you’re needed. The most amazing place is it has 8 combinations in total; mean you have got 8 products simultaneously.

Avatar Controls Freecube is a new totally all-in-one smart devices including functional modules to keep your life organized and prepared, allow you to charge, listen and light whenever and wherever you like.

What’s more, Alexa-enabled voice module will produce, and stand-alone voice control, micro-cast, support Alexa voice control is still preparing.  Avatar Controls continues to develop smart free cube.

Now, it will launch Kickstarter campaign soon, just $99, you will be able to get 8 kinds of product, why not?