In the Oct 14th, 2017, the world’s largest electronic product procurement event - Global Sources Consumer Electronic Show official ended on Asia World-Expo. More than 6,400 booths showcase the world's most innovative product and technology. In addition, the exhibition also has the new product area and product experience zones, which mainly focuses on rapid development of innovative products and technology. AvatarControls team also brought our news smart voice product blockbuster launched.

The exhibition just beginning, the inside and outside of AvatarControls exhibition area are people mountain, people sea, which has been highly valued by the world's buyers, and the consulting customers like an endless stream. There is no doubt that Avatar Control exhibition area (#2H08, Hall 2) becomes the focus of the exhibition hall.
So in this global electronic product procurement event, what kind of surprise did AvatarControls bring? 

First, here we will introduce a stand-alone voice control eye protection desk lamp, black and white with penguin modeling create a lively first impression. The beads number has 18 2835 lamp beads, no strobe, suitable for the whole family to use. The highlight of the lamp is stand-alone voice control, no WiFi required, you can turn on/off the lamp via voice command, and what’s more, the voice control command is very simple.
   “Hello, Amily”.
   “Hello, master”.
   “Switch on”.
   “Switch off”. 
When you wake up the lamp, you can control it via your words, no mobile phone need, no Phone APP configuration, easy to operation, which is absolutely practical.

Similarly, it is also support stand-alone voice controlled in-wall switch panel. 
  “Turn on the light, turn off the light, dim the light…”
This in-wall switch panel also does not need connect with Wi-Fi, and the voice control command is also very simple.
Turning on the lights in the darkness, and free your hands, which is the gospel for night blindness.

Works with Alexa series product 
 Now most of the electronic products support voice control function, and smart plug and power strip naturally can’t lag behind. Smart voice control function is also perfect show on AvatarControls smart plug.
As long as you have an Echo, and please said to her:
“Alexa, turn on the plug / light …”
“Alexa, turn off the plug / light …”
Then the smart plug will turn on/off automatically, and you can do whatever you like. 
Apart from smart plug, AvatarControls also shows other works with Alexa product, such as wifi bulb, LED strip, smart power strip and so on.
Following photo is the smart power strip, US standard, EU standard, UK standard and SF standard, readily available?

The key product coming, here is our latest creative home product – Freecube.

Currently, the whole cube has 4 modules, the USB power socket has 4 US socket and 3 USB ports, users can charge for seven electronic devices simultaneously. The other functional modules are Bluetooth speaker, LED sensor light and wireless charger. 
Bluetooth speaker, HD bass quality, gives you immersive sound effect. With LED sensor light, sound and light interaction, enhance the visual experience of the dual experience. Wireless charger module using QI standard, the maximum output power can provide up to 7W, and transmission distance <6mm, attracting lots of foreigners to experience it, and feel the convenience of science and technology.

Freecube interprets the concept of freedom, each module is an accessory, but also an individual functional module. You can build it like LEGO block, builds different function module to customization your own home equipment. Now, Freecube live on overseas campaign Kickstarter, the Early Birds price is $89.

In the future, AvatarControl will still adhere to the user-oriented, R&D and more high-quality voice controlled products.
More product details, please visit our official website: http: //