On 1st Oct, Avatar Controls creative electronic product Freecube lives on Kickstarter. It has three more days until the crowdfunding ends, now it have reach funded goal 200%, which over 250 backers. 

There is no doubt that the crowdfunding has won the high recognition and trust of Avatar Controls. So what is the reason to make Freecube crowdfund success? What is the special feature of Freecube?

Compared with other traditional electronic product, Freecube is a modular smart system which can charge, light, play, show and more (video) simultaneously. Now it releases 4 functional modules, USB power socket, Bluetooth speaker, sensor LED light and wireless charger. 

Freecube redefine the aesthetics of science technology

Creative tridimensional design ode to the aesthetics of simplicity, and the edge brings comfortable smooth lines with arc-shaped corner. Freecube restores pure life beauty with simple fashion.

Freecube redefine your device charging method

The USB power socket plugs into the wall and features 3 USB ports which also have 4 standard outlets. In addition, there’s a wireless charger for your iPhone X or other Qi compatible devices.

Freecube redefine your lifestyle 

With built-in 2200mAh battery, Freecube is sure to keep you listening music whether in and out. Finally, there’s a cube sensor light with 56 LED lights. Play with music, sound and light interaction, instantly feel heavy bass and light enveloped, to enhance the visual and aural dual experience.


Freecube will end perfectly, turn a new chapter via online&offline sale

Avatar Controls will ship the goods gradually, so the backer can receive Freecube soon. Through this crowdfunding campaign, we believe that it’s an inspiration and foreshadowing for Avatar Controls, which indicates that has huge potential.

More information pls visit: freecube.tech