On Nov 22nd afternoon, Smart Living Products Development Conference held in Shenzhen. Dr Feng, the co-founder of Shenzhen AvatarControls Co., Ltd was invited to deliver a keynote speech of “The Market and Development Trend of Smart Home Product, and talking about the profound significance of smart home.

“The three chances of IoT reform period, the current situation and development trend of voice-activated product, and the information of Shenzhen Avatar Controls & product”, Dr. Feng analyzes smart home development trend from four aspects. 

Talking about the competition trends in the smart home market, Dr. Feng stress that smart speaker is already a piece of the Red sea, the represent product is Amazon Alexa in overseas and TmallGenie in domestic, SMEs can not compete with it due to capital and technology. However, works with Alexa product is a piece of blue sea.  Therefore, Shenzhen AvatarControls Co., Ltd find another way,  we research and develops stand-alone voice control modular and lamp and creative electronic product. For example, Freecube, the world's first modular tech command center, which has won the Analyst's Choice in the Hongkong Global Sources Show in Octorber.

It is reported that Smart Living Products Development Conference is an important event which hosted by the world-known B2B platform Global Sources in Shenzhen. During the conference, Mr Chen, Technical Director of Lenovo Grop and Mr Lee, Deputy General Manager of Allwinner Technology and other senior corporate manager share their views on smart home industry hot topics such as the operation and management of SMEs in the international environment, the transformation of traditional products and the application of artificial intelligence technology. 

(After the meeting, Dr. Feng exchange business cards with the audience.)