Since the release of Amazon Echo in late 2014, it has been well received by the market. It is understood that this popular American smart speaker became a synonym for the IoT for a time. The voice interaction is accepted by more and more users, and works with Alexa has become necessary function for more and more equipment.

When many products on the market are scrambling to pass WWAA(Works with Amazon Alexa, AvatarControls smart plug has completed the WWAA official certification, which proved the enterprise qualification. It is reported that all devices that works with Alexa have to go through Amazon’s harsh tests to ensure that this product is simple and safe. 

It is extremely difficult to obtain WWAA, and the test process is very complex. In nearly a thousand test items, the certification ended in failure as long as one test failed which showing the Amazon certification is very rigorous. Once the vendor authentication fails, it takes a long time to get the next certification opportunity. So the difficulty of Amazon Echo official certification lies in the cloud service platform and its own core technology.

In some ways, passing WWAA certificate seems to get the stepping stone to steal the global Amazon markets, and brought endless market opportunity for the majority of customers. On the Amazon, if you get the the WWAA certification, Amazon will list your equipment in the Echo column and followed by the displayed and recommended, which can bring massive online traffic. Coupled with Amazon brand, it can make your brand more patterns when competing with other brands on the market.

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