On May 3, 2018, in order to demonstrate Avatar Controls overall strength, through application, Alibaba Corporation has conducted on-site certification for our company. The audit includes the company's factory conditions, product conditions; production equipment, and R&D. Capability, production capacity, quality control, etc., inspection personnel conducted rigorous and detailed audits and captured related videos. After reviewing and appraising, Shenzhen Avatar Controls Co., Ltd is in compliance with relevant standards and is approved to pass Alibaba SGS certification. 

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SGS certification is Alibaba's publicity sales platform to establish trustworthy overseas sales channels. To obtain the certification, the company should pass authoritative audit and certification of a third-party certification body. After SGS International comprehensive evaluation in the field, it recognized the production capacity, trade ability, quality ability and R&D capability of Shenzhen Avatar Controls Co., Ltd. before granting SGS certification.

SGS Certification

SGS certification is an affirmation of standard and high efficiency of our company's work. It shows that Avatar Controls overall strength have reached the domestic advanced level standards, and our company will work harder to research and develop the new product. 


Off-line voice control desk lamp

Works with Alexa smart plug

The successful SGS certification is a more powerful guarantee for Avatar Controls to further improve customer service quality and establish brand image. Shenzhen Avatar Controls Co., Ltd. will catch the opportunity to increase product quality and work efficiency with greater enthusiasm and efforts to achieve higher strategic goals!

【About US】

Shenzhen Avatar Controls Co., Ltd. is an innovative technology company focused on intelligent voice control and interactive technology research, creative product design, production and sales. We have our own core technologies in speech wake-up, far-field speech recognition, speech noise reduction, and echo cancellation. We can provide professional speech control modules and solutions for customers. We focus on user experience, the current main products include: creative Freecube, works with Alexa Smart plug, offline voice-activated desk lamp, switch and smart home products.

Company vision: Intelligent makes life more!