How do you think of the product at the first glance? A socket? A Bluetooth speaker? Or a functional sensor light? In fact, the name of the product is defined from you. Avatar Controls gave it a name - FREECUBE.

FREECUBEs design is smart. As you see, FREECUBE is composed of four parts, when I receive the products, including the power socket, the Bluetooth speaker, the wireless charger, the sensor light.

Lets take a first look on the power socket. I was impressed by the strip. The diameter of power socket strip is 7.11mm, which is 3 times compared to 2.77mm from apple’s strip. There are 3 USB sockets on the front of it. And both of two sides are power socket. You can put it on your office desk or bedside desk or anywhere you need to charge devices lot. Obviously, the average home has a plethora of battery powered portable gadgets; everything from smart phones, to tablets, smart watches, power bank. The average person need to charge 3 to 4 devices each night. The power socket deftly solve the problem of cables in a mess. 


Except the Bluetooth speaker, all others are powered by the basic power socket module. Because There is a tiny USB socket on the top of Bluetooth speaker, can be powered by android charger. The beside one is for you to plug into a TF card. 


The wireless charger modular. It supports all wireless smart phones and smart watches. Of course,you don’t need to purchase it if you don’t have any devices supported wireless charging. 


When I put all them together. To be honest, it is a nice product with almost functions I need. It is also available to add more modules on the top of it. For the respective of customized product, it is not bad choice for average person.